Shades of Wuthering Heights - Editorial - boho bridal shoot at the Chesterton Windmill

Bethan wearing a beautiful Freesia wedding gown made by Jess Turner Design - Wildly fanciful bridal wear, designing for the bohemian bride.

The Inspiration

For this shoot I have drawn inspiration from the Wuthering Heights.

I really adore the minimal makeup and natural hair with a messy whimsical braid. For the flowers I chose a simple colour palette with white, green and peach as I think it's super timeless and works very well in the countryside setting. It also compliments Bethan's hair beautifully. It gives out that fresh but soft vibe without taking the focus away from the bride. The day was nice and clear with a lot of wind which I was so pleased about. I just love how it played with her hair and made my Wuthering Heights vision come true.

This really is a very special set of images, I hope you enjoy them.

I pulled together a small but fierce team of local wedding suppliers to bring to life my vision of a truly romantic, natural experience. You'll find more details about the team here

Also, make sure to check out some of my Bridal portraits tips.

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Where the wild things grow

‘Where the Wild Things Grow’ is a new collection of wedding dresses all handmade in London by Jessica. There is mix of pretty boho styles, daring low v-necklines and stunning back details where the floral laces grow! For our shoot - we chose Freesia.

The Dress

As a designer, Jessica supports a sustainable path to production for all her gowns; she is an advocate of slow fashion and puts this into practice when designing her gowns, developing the look using hand-painted illustrations in order to reduce the use of raw materials. The ‘Where the Wild Things Grow’ collection, features flora that encompasses the body, natural fibers against the skin, and nature taking over to re-wild the planet. The custom-made gowns, feature a mix of luxurious floral laces, peace silk and organic fabrics.

The Bridal Look

Our bride has a minimal, natural looking makeup by no other but my all time favourite HMUA Claire Shiner. Bethan's hair is styled to a beautiful messy braid. Claire added simple golden pins with some pretty pearls that really compliment the bride's natural auburn hair. I just love how Claire always manages to enhance ones natural beauty and give that radiant glow perfectly matched to your personality.

The Location

The Chesterton Windmill is one of Warwickshire's most famous landmarks. It stands on a hilltop overlooking the village of Chesterton. Since I moved to a neighboring village - Harbury, I always enjoyed taking walks up the hill and admiring the beautiful views over the rye fields or simply just breathing and taking in the peaceful moment. This place gives the most gorgeous sunset skies too in the summer!

"When I photograph people in black and white, I photograph their souls"

I feel that raw emotion is sometimes better expressed in black and white and that's why I always capture a few images in B&W. While trends in dresses, hairstyles and makeup can change over the time, a black and white photograph will always look classic and timeless. Scroll through the below presentation for my favourite B&W photographs from this shoot featuring handmade veil by Claire from Tulle and Flo who creates bespoke and unique Bridal Veils, Garters and Capelets.

Bridal portraits tips:

If you’d like bridal portraits on your wedding day but feeling a little insecure - I’ve got your back - let’s take a stroll. Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy the views and really feel the moment you're at. Listen to the sounds around you, the sounds of nature have amazing-relaxing benefits. They'll fill your heart up and give you that beautiful sense of peace. There is no need for awkward posing. Just be you.

I promise to capture you organically and naturally. I always talk to my clients and make sure they are feeling relaxed when we spend time together.

Whether you have any specific ideas and picture of yourself that you’d like me to capture (like running barefoot through the golden fields, smelling roses, climbing a tree, dance, being a classy stunner...) or perhaps you are just the ‘go with the flow’ girl - there is no right or wrong and there are no rules when it comes to your portraits.

I love hearing your ideas so that I can make sure you have the best experience with me!


Concept, Planning and Photography: Dita Bowen

Gowns: Jess Turner Designs

Makeup: Claire Shiner Makeup Artist

Veils: Tulle and Flo

Bride: Bethan

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