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It's me, Dita, the person behind the camera.


I am wild at heart, soulful, love to laugh and be silly. I love to watch the stars, smell the grass and swim in the open water.


I enjoy the outdoors, always did ... I guess growing up in a village, climbing trees, breathing in the fresh air or just endlessly wondering through the meadows and forests, doing the rain/sun dance.. have taught me to love nature with all my heart.

I have always been quite care free and liked to threw myself into an adventure, into the unknown.. I found that somehow I have always ended up having the best time and living the best moments of my life when I didn’t worry about where my next step is going to be. When I followed my heart! 

I have been with my husband Chris for 7 years now and we got married in July 2019.

We've met through Plenty of Fish dating app (I caught him!), he was my first and the last ever online date. I consider myself very lucky hearing some online dating stories that my friends shared with me. He really is the LOVE OF MY LIFE and the most awesome human being!

Dita Bowen Photography - Hannah K Photog

We have a little sausage dog called Bumble but mainly I call him Bum Bum, he is such a good boy, we love him soooo much! Well, I say he is a good boy and I tell him that all the time but really, he is a little mischief!

We live in a house in a
beautiful village called Harbury just outside Leamington Spa.

Together we enjoy outdoors, walks, golf, trips and adventures, good food, coffee shops, netflix, glass of port, Adventure parks, Chinese takeaway, coffee trips, basically EVERYTHING

If you’re a happy weirdo in love who likes to laugh, talk about food, and just loves life, let’s be bffs ok thaaanks!


I vow to serve each and every person regardless of age, sexual orientation, nationality, gender identity, skin color, or religion... in business and in life.

You are valued. You are loved. Your story matters. 


A few things I can't live without

SALTED popcorn